The only program you'll need to transform your expertise into an endless stream of high end clients in weeks - not years. 

You're Amazing at What You Do...

So why are you: 

  • Stressed out creating content that gets zero results?

  • Spread too thin working way too many hours like a 24/7  workhorse?
  • Not getting paid enough to make family time worth it?
  • Dreading the "sales" part of selling? 
  • Riding a white knuckle income roller coaster that gets stuck upside down?

Starting your business seemed like the Golden Ticket

  • Clients begging to pay premium prices because they know exactly what you do.

  • A waitlist full of leads, red hot for results - no nudging needed.
  • More relaxing time with family and friends while the steady revenue rolls in.

You want a steady stream of high-end clients paying premium prices for your expertise.

So how do you make that happen?

Insider Success is the A-Z complete system that transforms your expertise into a steady stream of high-end clients. And best of all, it shows you how to do it NOW.

“Insider Success clients cut their sales time by 80% and close high end clients ($5K - $20K) on one call within 7 days or less.” 

Whether you still need to bottle your particular brand of expertise, feel like you’re at your limit, or want to reach your next 6 or 7 figures, Insider Success will show you how to seamlessly map out a profitable business, transform your expertise into your signature course, and sell out your high-end program with genuine connections and ease. 


When you join Insider Success, you’ll get instant access to the complete system that hands you the exact steps to create a high-ticket business, a must-have course, and an effective selling strategy. 

$12.5K Client in 1 Week

Alexis | Health & Wellness

Sold a $5K package in 10 minutes

Malee | Branding & Web Design

$20K in 30 days

“In only 30 days I doubled my fees, and made $20,000 -  60 days later created a $100,000 annual revenue stream with a new company!”


My company was generating 6 figures and growing. Working with Kelly helped me realize the company I was building wasn't what I really wanted!


In just 30 days Kelly guided me in creating a new business model with $100,000 annual revenue stream. 

The Insider Success 3 part framework is the secret to your success:

The 6 Figure M.A.P. is your business foundation so you can avoid complicated, time consuming structures.

The High End Signature System gets your expertise out of your head and into a course they can't refuse. 

The Ultimate Sales EDGE hands you the keys to attract high paying clients and create a steady stream of profits.

Insider Success







$105,000 in 30 Days

Shannon | Leadership Sales

$20K in 2 Weeks

Stacy | Corporate Mergers

What Exactly Is Included In Insider Success?

Module 1: The 6 Figure M.A.P.

We make sure your business starts in the right place so you waste zero time while ensuring you’re heading in the right direction. 

  • The M.A.P. (Model Action Plan) to create a crystal-clear strategy and avoid foundational mistakes you can't outmarket.

  • The two actions you need to take that have a DIRECT impact on hitting your goals

  • The One Page Plan that gets you up and running, quickly and clearly

  • The "Profit Predictor" with leveraged delivery that bends time in your favor.

Module 2: The Path to High End Sales

Here is where we pinpoint your million dollar idea and clarify what makes you stand out online. We’ll cover: 

  • How to create a valuable, high end offer in a couple of days... to begin selling it immediately. 

  • The 1 step to create an offer so powerful, your prospects can't wait to pull out their wallet and start working with you.

  • Unlock your expertise to sell your program without confusion

  • Why pricing too low can actually hurt your business and your clients.
  • Create sales messages that cut through the noise, convert to money, overcomes objections, and connects to your ideal customers.

Module 3: Course Creation Blueprint

Module 3 is everything you need to turn your million dollar idea into an irresistible high ticket course in weeks, including: 

  • The Color Card step-by-step, course creation blueprint that maps out your course in minutes - so you can get paid sooner rather than later. 
  • The art and science of naming your program that converts to sales
  • Different types of courses, when to use them, and what to include
  • Fast track content creation with fill in the blanks production schedule. 
  • How to sell your program without creating all the content first, virtually guaranteeing your course success. 

Module 4: Your Consult Strategy

Here, you’ll develop your simple sales consult system that serves as the backbone of your marketing for months and years to come.

  • How to choose the perfect consult type for your business, and how the wrong one leads to almost NO new appointments.
  • The Good Will Consult that will have them buying without ever getting on the phone.
  • Why you should never call your consult a "consult" and the one word that makes people want to pay a premium for it.
  • The only calendar filling script you will ever need to fill your calendar with high-ticket consults on demand!
  • Discover how to use my little-known selling technique to get your prospects to subconsciously show up for their consult.

Module 5: Filling Your Programs

Module 5 is the secret behind successfully booking qualified consults ...simple to set it up in minutes!

  • The #1 simple tool to create an automated consult funnel (with emails) that's less than $20, and deploys in minutes.
  • With this simple "box question" you'll know if they're the right fit without even talking to them. 
  • The 2 questions on the application to ensure you remove time-wasters and only speak to ideal, highly qualified prospects!
  • My exact word for word emails and scripts to quadruple show up rates ... and new clients. (worth thousands to you)

Module 6: EDGE Selling System

The 4 Part EDGE Selling System shows you how to sell your program with premium pricing. With connection-focused sales strategies, you can smoothly fill your program again and again without feeling salesy or pushy.

  • The word for word EDGE sales script and checklist that is so natural, smoothly answers tough questions and easily overcome objections. 

  • The one thing you should never say in a consultation

  • The little know secret to a 28 minute consult that closes clients like clockwork. 
  • The 3 little words that close up to 80% of clients without being hardcore or pushy

Done For You - Sales Accelerators

Elimate the guesswork with these Done For You plug-and-play templates worth their weight in gold!   These Sales Accelerators don’t just save you time, they make money. 

  • Product Mock Up Templates: Want to know the secret to getting more dream clients? Leveraging the power of good will to attract your ideal audience. Simply download our product mockups and start marketing!

  • The Perfect Lesson Slides to get your training course created in a fraction of the time.  Skip the overwhelm and follow our structure. Fill in the blanks with your content and go live fast. 

  • New Client Onboarding is the 5 star client experience that lets them know they made the right choice. With these done-for-you emails, it’s everything you need to eliminate confusion and client overwhelm. 

  • Productivity Tools ensure every minute at work is spent wisely so you can spend less time behind the desk and more time living your life!

  • Referral Emails are done-for-you templates that flood your business with qualified leads everytime you hit “Send”

  • Canva Worksheet Templates are your new favorite! Your lead magnet is a copy and paste away from being done. 

Enroll Now & Access these LIMITED Bonuses FREE! 

Insider "Welcome Box" Sent Straight to Your Door*

These 5 powerful deep-dive workbooks, inside a big binder and boxset are my best "insider" strategies so watch for your delivery.  They include:

  1. The “Insider” Advantage - to grow with total freedom
  2. Success Foundations - to think like a 7-figure entrepreneur and avoid the traps, mistakes and roadblocks most entrepreneurs are stuck in.
  3. The BIG Picture - to help you get crystal clear on your model and finally get paid what you're worth. 
  4. Elegant Selling That Converts - to attract high end clients even if no one knows your name. 
  5. Speak To Get Clients - to create 6 figure paydays with small virtual or live groups 

*ONLY 500 153 available, then they're gone forever.

The Ultimate Offer Formula

Create an offer so powerful that your prospects can't wait to pull out their wallet and start working with you.

You want an offer your perfect clients can't refuse that is both irresistible and also sells for your success.


The Ultimate Offer walks you through how to create it, step by step, with a rock-solid framework to follow even if you've never created a course or program before. 

INSIDER Virtual Event

An exclusive live virtual event

Together we will create your Marketing Activation Plan (M.A.P) to transform your expertise into a high end sales strategy so you effectively sell with connection and ease. 


You’ll create your Powerhouse Blueprint to build six figures (and beyond) that's custom to you, in a live setting with feedback to ensure you hit every mark and develop a business that makes you money. 

When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of $11,850

Time is running out to get in on all of the bonuses but luckily you can join Insider Success today for just $147...







Insider Success is the A-Z complete system that transforms your expertise into a steady stream of high-end clients.


And best of all, it shows you how to do it NOW.


Insider Success doesn’t just show you the clear method of turning your expertise into a million dollar business, it shows you the straightforward method that allows you to do it in weeks - not months or years of struggle. 


Yes! Insider Success can show you how to:

  • Double your prices and still fill a waitlist with clients

  • Skyrocket your business without mastering complicated tech

  • Simplify your business model while boosting sales

  • Discover your authentic selling style without feeling pushy or salesy

  • Create a successful business - even if you’ve failed before or tried everything the “experts” advised

When you join Insider Success, you’ll capitalize on decades of experience and get your hands on the most efficient blueprint for your success.


The Insider 6 Figure M.A.P. lays the foundation clearly, the Course Creation Blueprint gets your idea out of your head and into a highly profitable course, and the Ultimate Sales EDGE shows you how to elegantly sell so you can enjoy a steady stream of high-end clients.

Join Insider Success and turn your expertise into a steady stream of high-end clients, even if you don’t have a course, even if you hate selling. 


  • How much would you pay for someone to just tell you the thing you’re so good at, will people pay big bucks for it?
  • To tell you how to create a stream of steady, predictable income?
  • To hand you the word-for-word script that sells high-end clients without feeling pushy?
  • To show you how to take your expertise and turn it into a high-end business fast?


That’s exactly what Insider Success can do, and you can get started right now for $147







When you join Insider Success, you’ll be joining the select group of entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their expertise into their first class lifestyle. You’ll be given instant access to the entire course and can start building your first (or next) 6 figures today.

“…added $250,000 before the end of the year, saved 28 hours in 2 weeks and lost 100 lbs”

I was in Corporate Fortune 500.  Before working with Kelly, over 80% of my business was corporate clients and 20%, coaching clients.  I was working more than 65 hours each week with a packed schedule and no time for family or going to the lake.


Within 14 days of working with her, I saved 28 hours of time and strategized a new plan for my business.  Over the past year, my business has more than doubled and shifted to 80% online with a digital course and coaching clients that I love working with.  


I added over $250,000 to my business the first year, and it’s still growing and doubling.  Today I have a powerful, sustainable business with total freedom.

Created 2 companies, my 1st online course & did 6 figures my 1st year.

I’ve created 2 companies, closed 6 figure clients and created my 1st online program in 30 days (never did that before). I never knew how to sell or how to start and grow a business. 


Now I have a 7 figure business model with lots of clients and quit my day job.I want to share with you all the magic that can happen when Kelly Fidel is your mentor!


These opportunities puts me in front of thousands of decision makers in my field, it’s a huge opportunity.  This is such an honor and much thanks to Kelly ❤️❤️ without her guidance this would be a different outcome. ~ Terra | Health & Wellness

Created our 1st online course in 30 days with 14 new clients in hours

As a successful professional athlete, I was ready to expand my new business.  I’d always had coaches and need a mentor who could work side by side with me and my team to help us customize our strategy and grow our business.


I never expected the volume of growth we’d experience and couldn’t have done it without Kelly’s expertise.  It would’ve taken me years longer. 


I’d never created an online course, been in sales or business and with her guidance we expanded our business and tripled our revenue.  She’s very trustworthy and I’m grateful to be in her world. ~ Jeron | APEX Performance | NFL Tight End, Oakland Raiders & Miami Dolphins

Doubled my clients, increased pricing & 15 new referrals 1st week

Within 15 minutes on the phone with Kelly, I landed a new client that same day!  I doubled my client base and generated 15 new referrals in the first week!


I created my program, doubled my leads, clients, and sales since working with Kelly in less than a month.  Within two months of working with Kelly, I offered packages six times the rate I was offering when I first met Kelly.


I was surprised that multimillion dollar strategies applied to my business. I’m grateful to be on the inside. My goals are doubling and tripling as I reach new heights. Don’t wait another minute. Kelly is the real deal.  ~ Malee | Digital Marketing Design

1st High Paying Client $30K

$50K Revenue Stream in 7 min

Join Insider Success Now...







Insider Success is perfect for entrepreneurs who have hit the income ceiling and have run out of hours in the day.


If you’re juggling hours vs clients, can’t see how you can charge more, or crave a more simple business that still allows you freedom, enroll into Insider Success and create the business and life you dream of.


Business Growth Strategist, CEO of No Glass Ceiling®



Kelly Fidel became an entrepreneur at 9 years old when she sold avocados door to door to buy a pair of Red Ball Jets tennis shoes.  Since then, she has closed over 1 Billion Dollars in Sales (and nabbed more than a few new pairs of shoes). 


As Founder and CEO of No Glass Ceiling®, she is an award-winning entrepreneur changing the game for entrepreneurs to transform their expertise into a profitable business in record time. She’s perfected the art of high end selling via genuine connection and turning your ideas into millions. 


Harnessing more than 35 years of experience both as a Fortune 100 corporate executive running billion-dollar sales divisions, she's an entrepreneurial force, and has built several of her own multi-million-dollar businesses. 

Kelly transforms overwhelmed entrepreneurs into Powerhouse CEO's by leveraging the same strategies she learned in the boardroom, combined with the most powerful online marketing to create a level playing field for entrepreneurs everywhere. 


Kelly has created one of the fastest growing coaching organizations in the country with more than 106,000 people in 72 countries who have taken her courses or attended more than 2,000 of her live events.

Are You Ready To Be an Insider?

Insider is perfect for you if:
  • You’ve taken your business as far as you can and you’re ready to level up 

  • You’ve run out of hours in the day and need a smart method to make more money with less effort

  • You want to reach more people, make a bigger impact, and create a life of freedom for yourself

  • You’re ready for the proven, step by step system that shows you exactly how to turn your experience into a must-have online program with high end clients.

Insider is NOT perfect for you if:
  • You want to waste time and money figuring things out for yourself and hope years go by before you crack the code on your own

  • You prefer constantly hustling for clients as your favorite way to spend your time

  • You love knowing you’ve hit the ceiling on how much money you can make.

  • Pushy sales tactics are you’re go-to and you aren’t interested in genuine connections with inspired clients

A few Questions your fellow entrepreneurs asked

Do I need to have a product already? Or have my business all figured out?

When I join Insider Success, do I get immediate access to everything?

Is the content dripped?

What if I don't have an email list right now?

Do you have a money back guarantee?

In 2 months, you could be working more hours than you like for less pay than you deserve, wondering if you'll ever make top dollar.


Or you could enroll in Insider Success and create a steady stream of high-end clients in weeks - not years.







Before working with Kelly, I was stuck and didn’t know how to get my message out there or the tools to do it.  Everything has changed! I’ve launched my course program and another 2nd course with a book.  I had none of this before Kelly. She was completely instrumental in my success.



I believe in Magic! I met Kelly at a point in my life where I had no options left. On New Years Eve I came across a Facebook post and watched a webinar with Kelly – and it’s been non stop amazing ever since.  She’s an amazing business coach, a kind and compassionate human being – Thank you!



Kelly is the best and if you’re like me and you’ve spent money, money, money she not only connects the dots, she puts it together and gives you a very solid, clear, laid out plan to make it happen and she’s there to help you do it.  If you’ve been “thinking” – start working with Kelly.



"Kelly is fantastic! She does it better in half the time."


What Kelly offers is truly one of a kind and the best coaching I've ever experienced. 


Her content is really amazing! She offers smart advice and guidance for new & seasoned entrepreneurs to new heights.


Kelly genuinely cares for her clients success and is the real deal (maker).



“Doubled my revenue the FIRST month with a results oriented plan!”


In one hour I was crystal clear on what I needed to do to move my business forward. She listens intently, and asks the right questions, which led me to making clear and purpose driven decisions.

Kelly helped me to focus and prioritize my next steps to double my revenue with an actionable, results oriented plan. 



“In only 30 days I created a new business model, doubled my fees, and made $20,000 -  60 days later created $100,000 annual revenue stream with a new company!”


My company was generating 6 figures and growing. Working with Kelly helped me realize the company I was building, wasn’t what I really wanted!


In just 30 days Kelly guided me in creating a new business model with $100,000 annual revenue stream. 



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