How To Make BIG Profits From Your Own Small Events in the Next 28 Days For Free...
Get instant access to this exclusive online training where you will learn exactly how to fill your own high value programs and services to create a years worth of CLIENTS + INCOME in a weekend  WITHOUT the overwhelm.
Membership Details:
  • ​Success Accelerator Training delivered directly to your door  
  • ​​​Instant Access to Kelly's Exclusive "Insider Success" Facebook Community 
  • ​​Complimentary Tickets to Insider Success Private Retreats  (valued at $2,500 each)
  • ​​Insider Success Mentorship  + Exclusive access to new programs and retreats!
  • ​​Access to the Small Event Mastery Course (valued at $2,997) for FREE

At my first workshop with 17 people I had fun and the attendees loved it. My offer was clear and easy with Kelly's expertise -I generated over $80k sales in 2 Days at my first event with only 17 attendees that turned into clients! 

I had never done a live event before and was told I needed to have months to prepare, a big marketing budget, the perfect list and lots of ideal clients in a room to make money. It took me 2 years to finally decide to host my event, Small Event Mastery and Kelly were the difference makers! 

And I didn’t have a big marketing budget or list, only a small group of people. What I did have was a clear vision with Kelly’s proven system that helped me create success. - - Jennie Roberts

The Small Event Mastery Course (FREE)
In this training I reveal my powerful  "big profits from small events" system so you can fill your high value programs and consulting practice without stress, and get a year's worth of clients in a Weekend.
In This Proven System, You'll Get: 
My complete system I've used at over 2,058 live events to create profitable events in record time.  Discover how to create your event or retreat that converts attendees to clients without any expense up front!

Create your offer with more profits.  With my simple step-by-step offer formula, you'll know exactly what to say & what you MUST cover to successfully enroll grateful high-end clients — and what you must never do — so it takes all the guesswork out of it.

How to get the word out and fill those seats. Everything you need to ensure a standing-room-only event with the right attendees.   Learn Kelly’s step-by-step plan on how to market your small events so they are filled with your ideal clients — even if you have NO email list, NO online marketing funnel, and NO budget. 

This course valued at $2,997 you get free when you join Insider Success™

Alexis Logan 
Founder, Soul Success 

During my first very small event with only 4 people, 2 people bought my $18,000 program. The format was simple, love it 

It was my very first small event and I reached out to people I knew.  Within a couple of weeks I had 4 attendees and followed the Small Event Mastery system and Kelly's advise and closed $36,000 in 1 Day at my first event with only 4 people!"

Steve Hedden, CPA, CGMA 
Founder, High Profit Business

"Held my FIRST 2 Day event within 30 days of working with Kelly, I had only 5 people attend and closed $100,000"
I've never hosted my own event. I had no idea what type of content or offer to provide. Within 30 days, Kelly helped me craft my event structure, program and offer. 

Kelly is amazing, I made the offer for the first time & had a 6 figure payday.  Her expertise will shave years off your learning curve and her small event system helped me and so many others have a big cash infused weekend."
Get INSTANT Access To 
Small Event Mastery™ Training
Join an exclusive community of entrepreneurs & business owners that provides you with not only the INFORMATION you need to grow and scale but the ACCESS to the people and resources to virtually guarantee your success.

Why Just Learn Information...
When You Can Get

If you want to take your business beyond where it is today... without spending countless hours jamming your calendar getting 1on1 clients -  Small Event Mastery™ might be exactly what you need.

Not only will you have a complete system that creates clients like clockwork... You'll also get direct access to Kelly Fidel and her team so you can get the answers when you need them to acquire clients right now instead of months (or longer)!

Imagine having Kelly in your corner to help you with your business and host your first or next small event... without trial and error.  

And rather than wasting time trying to figure it out on your own...instead, you can simply use the "winning formula" Kelly uses to close over $1 billion in sales and create sustainable multi million dollar businesses with total freedom.
This Is Not Your Typical ‘Membership Community’
This is where you get direct access to me, my team and my resources through INSIDER SUCCESS™
Why Become an INSIDER?

My Mission... 

To provide an alternative education system for entrepreneurs to learn, grow & scale so they have their greatest impact and contribution in the world. 

And...for me to help everyone who desires the next level of success, I need to NOT create a "glass ceiling" for you - This is my way of directly working with committed business owners, providing impact and help you get the results you deserve!

I’m RAISING the bar and value beyond anything in the marketplace..

...when I created this NEW experience, it had to be different and deliver real, tangible value with massive results for each "insider" member. 

I've created this unique mentorship experience based upon our success pillars to help you build a Fearless million dollar empire: 

=> Expert Coaching & Mentorship by Kelly
=> Proven Systems For Scaling
=> Remarkable High Level Community
=> World Class Support

Most important? The relentless focus is on YOU.  
Here Are 5 Ways Insider Success Will Help You Grow & Scale

The Insider Success Private Facebook Group

This is the community where you receive daily support from Kelly and her team with insights,  access and guidance to keep your momentum going!

Insider Success Members Portal

This exclusive members-only online library contains access to world class, step by step  training , templates and other resources. Plus, you’ll gain access to NEW training through out the year including the Ultimate Sales Edge, Small Event Mastery, High End Sales System, Automation Accelerator, Velocity SCALE and more….

Complimentary Insider Success Retreat Tickets

A private 3-day members-only retreat designed to accelerate your business growth. Not available to the public, you have access twice a year to attend with Kelly!  Next Retreat is September 20-22, 2019 & Spring 2020

Live "Insider" Calls 

The power of Insider Success is access through the LIVE "Implementation" calls twice a month.   Get the answers you need to your most burning questions, from business strategy to marketing funnels and the art of selling to propel you forward and ensure you don’t get stuck for quick results.

Access To The Small Event Mastery Course

For a limited time, when you join Insider Success, you will receive Small Event Mastery FREE. This step-by-step event system will take you by the hand, as if I'm next to you, and teach you everything you need to know to host your own small events and gain a year's worth of clients in one weekend!
Your Bonuses Include:
  • ​​The Ultimate Event Offer - Use this powerful framework and Kelly's presentations to create your stunning event offers, so attendees jump at the opportunity to invest in your high end services.  
  • The Event Profits Playbook ($2,497 Value) Just imagine the time you'll save and the incredible value of having an entire swipe file of real-life marketing — directly from Kelly's events — right in your hands!
  • ​​​The Sold Out Events Toolbox ($1,897 Value) contains the exact templates, calculators and spreadsheets we use and it's yours for filling your live event so you're sold out in advance.  
  • ​​Live Event Marketing Timeline - The exact event templates Kelly uses to create her own content-rich events, now your to fill-in-the-blanks and go! The perfect tool to help you keep your event costs low and maximize profits.
  • ​​Online Sales Pages + Membership Area Done For You - The Members Area + Sales Pages are ready for you and tech-free so you don't need to worry about your programs, offers and event pages. Complete with "ready to edit" sales pages, copywriting, fill-in-the-blanks emails and more... just edit your content and sell out your event without being stuck in tech so you start getting results fast.  
What The Insiders Are Saying


This weekend was absolutely mind-blowing! 

Thank you a million times over Kelly Fidel for the incredible knowledge transfer that was given to us this weekend. I've known you and your brilliance for years, but WOW is all I can say to experiencing you in your true element, coaching at a live event!

I cannot WAIT to incorporate all of this new power into EVERYTHING I do moving forward! 💓


I want to share with you all the magic that can happen when Kelly Fidel is your mentor!

I entered a contest for startup companies and spent countless hours preparing my virtual 5 min pitch with Kelly’s guidance, after waiting over a month for the results... I MADE IT! Chosen as one of the top 12 companies out of thousands!

This opportunity puts me in front of thousands of decision makers in my field, it’s a huge opportunity. 

This is such an honor and much thanks to Kelly ❤️❤️ without her guidance this would be a different outcome.

Your Investment:
Enroll Now - Just 4 payments of $397 month
  • ​The Small Event Mastery Course Included FREE
  • ​​Instant Access To The Insider's Facebook Group
  • ​​Twice monthly LIVE Implementation Calls
  • ​​Exclusive access to new programs and retreats
  • ​​Complimentary Private Retreat Tickets twice yearly 
  • Success Accelerator Training delivered to your door
  • ​Access to Kelly's Insider Success  for entrepreneurs & business owners
Valued At $2,997 USD - Yours FREE
You get the The Small Event Mastery Course FREE when you join Insider Success
Enroll Now - Just $2,997 $1,497 LIFETIME Access
For A VERY Limited Time I'll Be Including a FREE Limited Edition INSIDER Success™ Engraved iPad and Case + An Incredible BONUS Training Program Worth $2,997!
  • ​The Small Event Mastery Course Included FREE
  • ​​Instant Access To The Insider's Facebook Group
  • ​​Twice monthly LIVE Implementation Calls
  • ​​Exclusive access to new programs and retreats
  • ​​Complimentary Private Retreat Tickets twice yearly 
  • Success Accelerator Training delivered to your doorstep
  • ​Access to Kelly's Insider Success for entrepreneurs & business owners
…pre-loaded training on a Brand New engraved iPad (with other surprises you’ll love) and shipped straight to your door!
Valued At $2,997 - Yours FREE
You get the The Small Event Mastery Course FREE when you join Insider Success
Exclusive Trainings Pre-Loaded On Your Gold iPad With Your Insider Success Access ... 
Plus, your Success Accelerator training package shipped directly to your doorstep!
The “Insider” Advantage
How to scale your business with the right business model and blueprint that creates a profitable lifestyle by design with total freedom.  
The Big Picture
The ultimate blueprint to gain clarity on your business model, programs and services to create high value pricing with a strategy  for success. 
Success Foundations
Shifting from entrepreneur to Powerhouse CEO takes more than just a model or a system. Your greatest asset is your mindset, it's time to harness this power.
Elegant Selling That Converts
Sell with integrity & triple your clients. Master the art of high end selling, there are 7 different “high ticket strategies”, I’ll share them all with you!
Speak To Get Clients
Discover how to create your own small events, even if you've never done this before. Then create your six figure paydays with ease.
The High End Selling System
Discover the 3 Key drivers to High End Selling and The Elegant Sales System that creates total freedom without being a 24/7 workhorse.
The Insider Success™ Difference
Are You Ready For Something Different?
The Future of Entrepreneurship Awaits You!

Are you ready to have the straight line to success so you can focus on growing your business rather than being suffocated in useless information that is overwhelming and a waste of time?

Insider Success is NOT a course. 
Insider Success is NOT an inner circle.   

The biggest difference with INSIDER SUCCESS, it is stacked with value directly from Kelly rivaling a high end mastermind that's insightful and actionable - designed to drive results!

IMAGINE ... an opportunity to work with Kelly every month at a fraction of the cost and have her powerful insights, mentorship and support... 

IMAGINE ... being SURROUNDED by driven, like minded entrepreneurs across various industries ...Learning, Growing, Sharing & Collaborating! 

What would that feel like?
What value would that add to your business & life?
What problems would that solve for you?
What questions would you FINALLY get straight answers to?

No more confusion, no more doubt, no more overwhelm...

Now you'll have the exact steps in a complete “end to end” full system – no more trying to “piece your business together".

And's designed to give you direct strategies to implement fast with access to Kelly Fidel and her team for extraordinary interactive support.
What The Insiders Are Saying


“I landed a new client that same day & doubled my client base and generated 15 new referrals in the first week! 

I doubled my leads, clients, and sales in less than a month. Within 2 months, my packages are 6x the rate I was offering. 

I was surprised that multimillion dollar strategies applied to my business. And, I’m grateful to be on the inside…”


She is brilliant, and I feel blessed to have someone with her level of expertise in my corner. Kelly's innovative trainings around selling and building client relationships have been extremely valuable. She is a strategic powerhouse with a huge heart.

Kelly is that compassionate support that sees my brilliance and my potential when I am not able to see it with my own eyes. 

I have invested in many mentors through the years and by far, Kelly is the best investment I ever made. I recommend her to any heart-centered driven entrepreneur who is ready to take their business to the next level.

Insider Success FAQ's
How quickly can I get started?
Your access will arrive in your inbox within 5-10 minutes! So as soon as you register by entering your details, you will get your logins immediately. You'll be able to start as quickly as you want, and we'll be in your corner every week for with The Insider Success Coaching & Mentoring.
What stage of business should I be in?
Insider Success is designed to meet you at the exact stage of business where you are right now - then help you grow to the next level.  Whether that's adding an addition 6 figures or 7 figures to your business right now.  Our clients have been in business a short time and some have been in business many years, they see the value of Insider Success!   We DO NOT want you to take "imperfect action" with no roadmap or random undisciplined tasks ...instead, take the RIGHT ACTION that will accelerate your business to get you the RESULTS You Deserve FAST!  
What makes Insider Success different?
Insider Success is NOT a course. Insider Success is NOT an inner circle.  If you just want information only or some cheap diluted program pitched as pretend value, this is not for you. But ... If you want real business INSIGHTS and ACCESS to move the dial (or turn the titanic) in your business the fastest - you are in the right place!
Get Access To The Advanced 
Small Event Mastery™ Training
Join an exclusive community of business owners that provides you with not only the INFORMATION you need to grow and scale but the ACCESS to the people and resources to virtually guarantee your success.